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Triangle og


Thought by many to be the original OG, ‘Triangle Kush’ remains one of the more tightly-held cuts in the world today. One taste of this powerhouse will make you understand why it has stuck around for so long. The prototypical, tight OG buds reek of fuel, lemon, and leather- and have a flavor that reflects a harmonious mix

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This legendary indica dominant strain is one of the original OGs. Tightly held for many years, this classic Kush has been used in more breeding recently and is the mother to another one of the most popular OG Kush strains on our shelves, Rare Dankness creation Lee Roy TK. Triangle’s bud structure is small and tight with light and warm green tones. Growers can expect a low yielding plant that stretches the first few weeks of growth and flowers in approximately 70 days.

Notes of sweet OG citrus, and pungent earth.

Fuel forward flavors with fresh lemon and warm leather essences.

24-29% THC

Triangle’s reputation is one-of-a-kind in the Cannabis world. Its old-school OG flavor and heavy heady effects make it a highly memorable smoke. Initially, the effects are clear, focused, and energetic. Users will experience a blurred mental alertness, not quite as stimulating as would be felt from a sativa, but with its own unique creative bent. Triangle Kush is the perfect social strain to consume with friends. Conversation becomes fluid and tension is released throughout the body. This is a great morning strain for those who seek a dose of mental alertness but aren’t ready to be jolted awake. Triangle is also great for a night out to dinner or a comedy show, any activity that allows for some mental stimulation and light relaxation.

Medical Uses
The effects of Triangle have the unique quality of being felt prominently in the head and face. It can, therefore, be helpful in reducing pressure in the head and behind the eyes. Headaches are knocked out by this high-potency, world-class medicine. Other types of pain can too be managed with its warm and floaty high. Like many high-THC strains, nausea is reduced on Triangle and appetite is stimulated. Triangle’s euphoric and relaxing high evokes a general state of happiness that can be helpful for those suffering from depression.

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