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Wedding cake


Wedding Cake will make you wish you could put a ring on it! The whole package, this indica-hybrid strain supplies relaxing effects with euphoric properties. It will heal your body and engage your mind. With 16-25% THC, this strain is as pretty as it is potent!

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If only it were legal to marry weed! One taste of this Wedding Cake strain and every other sesh will feel like a romantic anniversary. This strain is an Indica hybrid made from sour Cherry Pie and sweet  Girl Scout Cookies.

In Canada, this strain is also known as Pink Cookies, and it presents a marriage of physical body effects and euphoric, uplifting elements. Looking to destress, boost your mood and focus and feel your aches and pains drift off as if they never existed? We recommend biting off a piece of this Wedding Cake!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Wedding Cake is anything but a shy bride! This indica-leaning hybrid strain sets itself apart with large, coloured flowers. Tightly curling leaves go with the densely-packed buds. The leaves have earthy colours of dark green and brown, painted with orange hairs. This strain comes coated in a dense layer of glistening, white trichomes. This feature is what gives it such high THC levels and a sticky texture.

The smell and flavour of Wedding Cake are as beautiful as its looks. When cured, the buds smell damp and mossy with a slight hint of citrus. When broken apart, there are also notes of spicy sandalwood. On the palate, Wedding Cake might be a bit of a bridezilla, producing harsh, acrid smoke, but she means well!

This strain tastes sweet, tangy and rich on the exhale. It has a subtle creamy mouthfeel that’s like a delicious slice of Wedding Cake, as the name implies. Some users may also notice undertones of earthy pepper, as well! The high from it is no slow walk down the aisle! It comes on quickly, starting with the head. You may feel your thoughts quicken in pace or become more intense. In the right mindset and setting, this altered line of thinking also has a giddy euphoria.

Not even an hour into the high, the Indica side of Wedding Cake’s guest list will start to make itself known. Tokers may experience their limbs and spine feeling warm and heavy. But, the cerebral effects continue. The combination of mind and body high makes this great for activities. Pursuing artistic projects, exercising, and even experimenting in the bedroom. But this strain is not just for your wedding night!

As the high moves on, the body effects will intensify, leading some users to feel couch-locked and sleepy. These reasons are why Wedding Cake is best suited to nighttime use. Its body and mind-altering high are excellent at combating stress, anxiety and depression. Wedding Cake can make users feel more ‘in the moment.’

Wedding Cake is also fantastic at delivering level headed and focused effects.  It’s great for those with attention deficit disorders to focus on specific tasks. Finally, the physical relaxation brought on from it’s Indica side is ideal for temporary chronic pain. In high enough doses, this strain is also great for providing relief from insomnia. With its THC potency of up to 25%, this strain is also perfectly potent for appetite stimulation!

Wedding Cake Medical Benefits 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, Pain, Insomnia, Appetite Stimulation

Additional information

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